Creative Gardens – How To Add Interest With Garden Features

Creative Gardens

Gardening isn’t always just a hobby, it can be both therapeutic and challenging. Creating a perfect piece of outdoor space can be so rewarding, and with the thousands of items currently available, the most difficult part of the process can be choosing just how you want your garden to look.

If simplicity is your goal, then look no further than the traditional cottage garden. Filled with wild flowers and maybe with the odd window box and a gravel path, these beautiful gardens are easy to maintain. A few pots around the door and a trellis of roses will add some extra authenticity!


It’s hard to discuss gardens without mentioning surely the most popular addition of all, the garden pond. These can vary in size and shape and your choice of inhabitants can be reflected in how you furnish your pond. For instance, the common goldfish can be complemented by some beautifully simple pond grasses or reeds. More exotic fish such as Koi Carp can benefit from some wonderful water lily’s and little bridges. Apart from ponds, there also various types of water features, and let’s not forget the ultimate water feature, the swimming pool!


A display of garden ornaments is always eye-catching, and really adds character to your garden. Gnomes, ornamental animals and the like will always provide a talking point when you have visitors, but you have to know when to stop!


If you are lucky enough to have a spacious garden, a summerhouse is not only a pretty feature, it serves a practical purpose too. There are hundreds of designs, and will add an instant touch of luxury. Together with pagodas, pergolas, paving and fencing, there are no limits as to how your garden can look. Even basic items such as tables and chairs, and garden benches can add to the look that you wish to create.

Happy gardening!